Gianluca Mura

Gianluca Mura is a researcher, architect, and designer at Politecnico di Milano University. His research area is within digital cultures interrelations among art, science, and technology. He holds a Phd in industrial design and multimedia communication from Politecnico di Milano University. He has teaching experience in design university and professional courses. He is doing research, academic publishing, and actively participates in numerous international scientific conferences and symposiums. Dr. Mura is also a scientific member of several international conference committees.


Analyzing Art, Culture, and Design in the Digital Age
Gianluca Mura. © 2015. 329 pages.
Technological advancements have influenced many fields of study, and the visual arts are no exception. With the development of new creative software and computer programs...
The MetaPlastic Technè: Cyber Art and Design Innovations
Gianluca Mura. © 2015. 17 pages.
This chapter describes the theory of the Metaplastic metadiscipline (Ars MetaPlastica), a science-art-design research field that studies the most recent technological influences...
The Metaplastic Cyber Opencode Art
Gianluca Mura. © 2013. 13 pages.
This chapter explores the continuum between old and new media and presents the research area of Metaplastic Art and Design. The description of the Metaplastic Metaspace and its...
The Metaplastic Arts and Design Innovations
Gianluca Mura. © 2012. 12 pages.
This article discusses the theory of the Metaplastic discipline for the study and the realization of new virtual media through interdisciplinary methodologies between reality and...
Metaplasticity in Virtual Worlds: Aesthetics and Semantic Concepts
Gianluca Mura. © 2011. 330 pages.
The concept of virtual worlds is strongly related to the current innovations of new media communication.  As such, it is increasingly imperative to understand the criteria for...
Virtual Metaplasticity (Ars Metaplastica)
Gianluca Mura. © 2011. 26 pages.
This chapter defines a new metaplastic discipline through analysis of Digital art history and their relations among artistic and scientific achievements. Virtual Realities found...
The Metaplastic Virtual World Theory
Gianluca Mura. © 2011. 31 pages.
This chapter introduces a methodology of metaplastic discipline for the realization of new virtual world. It explains the theoretical and artistic background of metaplastic...