Pirjo Laaksonen

Pirjo Laaksonen is a Professor of Marketing at the University of Vaasa, Finland. Her main research interests cover the meaning(s) of consumption and consumer goods, involvement, shopping, purchasing behaviour, and the contexts of consumption. Her recent research has focused on the meanings of responsibility and its different manifestations in consumption actions. She has published in International Journal of Research in Marketing, Psychology & Marketing, Journal of Product and Brand Management, and International Journal of Management Cases, and others. Laaksonen is an active participant in consumer-related discussion forums in Finland and one of the originators of Finnish Association of Consumer Research.


Consumer-Retail Structure Interrelations as Seen in the Young Consumers' Photographs of Retail Environments
Pirjo Laaksonen, Ari Huuhka, Martti Laaksonen. © 2017. 18 pages.
This chapter seeks to understand the multidimensionality of urban consumption and the nature and the levels of consumer – retail structure interrelations. A holistic conceptual...
Consumption Culture in Europe: Insight into the Beverage Industry
Carmen R. Santos, Stéphane Ganassali, Francesco Casarin, Pirjo Laaksonen, Hans-Ruediger Kaufmann. © 2013. 414 pages.
Although studies indicate the assumption of one single European market, other research emphasizes European countries have distinct market identities. Meanwhile, as individual...
What Do We Know about Europe?
Carmen R. Santos, Julio Abad-González, Ana R. Pertejo, Francesco Casarin, Umberto Rosin, Stéphane Ganassali, Hans Rüdiger Kaufmann, Pirjo Laaksonen. © 2013. 71 pages.
This chapter provides a descriptive report on factors influencing the behaviour of European consumers, highlighting their similarities and differences, based on secondary data....
Consumer Culture: Literature Review
Klaus–Peter Wiedmann, Nadine Hennigs, Stefan Behrens, Carmen R. Santos, Ana R. Pertejo, Inés Kuster, Stéphane Ganassali, Jean Moscarola, Daniele Dalli, Pirjo Laaksonen, Darach Turley, Alexandra Kenyon, Matteo Corciolani. © 2013. 28 pages.
The debate on standardization versus adaptation is everywhere apparent and addresses the question whether and to what extent consumer behaviour differs between countries. While...
Verbal and Pictorial Representations of Beverage Consumption Patterns: The Wall of Pictures Protocol
Stéphane Ganassali, Jean Moscarola, Anne Sophie Mestrallet, Renate Buber, Pirjo Laaksonen, Katarina Hellén, Klaus Grunert, Jacob Rosendahl, Antonella Zucchella, Paola Cerchiello, Birgit Hagen, Klaus Peter Wiedmann, Stefan Behrens, Nadine Hennigs, Alexandra Kenyon. © 2013. 50 pages.
After a first section dedicated to the discussion of the methodological foundations of the image-based research protocols, the chapter introduces the “wall of pictures” protocol....
Is there a European Shopping-Related Lifestyle?: Investigating the Interaction between National Culture and Shopping-Culture
Pirjo Laaksonen, Katarina Hellén, Carmen R. Santos, Julio Abad-González, Noellie Brockdorff, Clive Zammit, Liberato Camillieri, Darach Turley, Andreas I. Andronikidis, George J. Avlonitis, Paulina Papastathopoulou. © 2013. 45 pages.
The purpose of this chapter is to investigate possible differences and similarities across European countries in terms of shopping culture, and identify in which constructs or...
Drinking Motives
Klaus Grunert, Jacob Rosendahl, Andreas I. Andronikidis, George J. Avlonitis, Paulina Papastathopoulou, Carmen R. Santos, Ana R. Pertejo, Julio Abad-González, Pirjo Laaksonen, Jenniina Halkoaho, Alexandra Kenyon, Lenka Kopicarova, Johan van Berkel. © 2013. 27 pages.
This chapter presents an analysis of what consumer in Europe drink and why they drink what they drink. The concept of drinking motives is developed and defined, and analysis of...