Yurdagül Meral

Yurdagül Meral is Chair, International Management and Finance Dept. Istanbul Medipol University School of Business and Management Science. She is a CDCS–certificate of documentary credit specialist http://cdcs.ifslearning.ac.uk/holder. Meral earned a PhD in Business Management and Organization and an MBA from Istanbul University. She has 30 years (1986-2016) of ‘International Trade’ finance experience (including two years in Frankfurt) in banking. After having her associate Degree in Business Management from Bogaziçi University, Meral started to work in international trade finance departments of Interbank (has completed one year 'Management Trainee' program), Koç-American Bank (formerly American Express Bank), including Frankfurt Branch and Tekstil Bank and Sekerbank, respectively. She taught International Trade Rules (ICC) and Practise in Banks and Bankers Association.


Tools and Techniques for Implementing International E-Trading Tactics for Competitive Advantage
Yurdagül Meral. © 2020. 395 pages.
The use of ICT applications has dipped into almost every aspect of the business sector, including trade. With the volume of e-commerce increasing, international traders must...
Electronic Trade and Electronic Presentation of Export Documents in Documentary Credits
Yurdagül Meral. © 2020. 16 pages.
Documentation plays a very important role in international trade. Information technology has changed practises in international trade as well. In this chapter, international...
Electronic Trading, Electronic Advertising, and Social Media Literacy: Using Local Turkish Influencers in Social Media for International Trade Products Marketing
Yurdagül Meral, Duygu Ecem Özbay. © 2020. 38 pages.
The internet has a huge impact on everything including by converting traditional trade methods into electronic trade and traditional marketing/advertising methods into electronic...
Health Export and Health Tourism Roles in European Union Countries
Yurdagül Meral. © 2020. 23 pages.
Health exports have increased to 100 billion dollars per year and it has become an important item in service exports all over the world. Demographic structures are changing with...
Strategic Management to Prevent Money Laundering: The Role of Effective Communication
Yurdagül Meral. © 2019. 22 pages.
In this chapter, the SWIFT, which is the financial communication system used by all financial institutions, will be explained. Today, most of the countries and financial...
Strategic Management of Finance and Role of Documentary Credit
Yurdagül Meral. © 2019. 22 pages.
Financing is one of the most important aspects of trade. International trade, although seemingly not different from local trade, differs from local trade because...