Digital Literacy: Tools and Methodologies for Information Society

Digital Literacy: Tools and Methodologies for Information Society

Pier Cesare Rivoltella (Universita Cattolica del S Cuore, Italy)
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Release Date: January, 2008|Copyright: © 2008 |Pages: 368
ISBN13: 9781599047980|ISBN10: 1599047985|EISBN13: 9781599048000|DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-798-0


Currently in a state of cultural transition, global society is moving from a literary society to digital one, adopting widespread use of advanced technologies such as the Internet and mobile devices. Digital media has an extraordinary impact on society's formative processes, forcing a pragmatic shift in their management and organization.

Digital Literacy: Tools and Methodologies for Information Society strives to define a conceptual framework for understanding social changes produced by digital media and creates a framework within which digital literacy acts as a tool to assist younger generations to interact critically with digital media and their culture, providing scholars, educators, researchers, and practitioners a technological and sociological approach to this cutting-edge topic from an educational perspective.

Reviews and Testimonials

This book builds a theoretical framework from different points of view investigating the modalities according to which knowledge is socially built.

– Pier Cesare Rivoltella, Universita Cattolica del S Cuore, Italy

Editor Rivoltella and his contributors focus on providing a framework for understanding a massive global cultural transition: from a literary society to a digital one.

– Book News Inc. (2008)

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Pier Cesare Rivoltella is a full professor in education technology at the Catholic University of Milan where he is president of CREMIT (Center of Research about Education, Media, Information and Technology). He is also president of the postgraduate program in media education and of the international master in communication and education. Vice President of SIREM (Italian Society for the Research about Media and Education), he wrote and edited 26 books, and more than 80 articles about media education and education technology.