Healthcare Information Systems: Challenges of the New Millennium

Healthcare Information Systems: Challenges of the New Millennium

Adi Armoni (Tel-Aviv College of Management, Israel)
Release Date: July, 1999|Copyright: © 2000 |Pages: 243|DOI: 10.4018/978-1-878289-62-9
ISBN13: 9781878289629|ISBN10: 1878289624|EISBN13: 9781930708556


Healthcare information systems are crucial to the effective and efficient delivery of healthcare, to the performance of healthcare organizations and to patient care and welfare. Medical information systems drive and impact many aspects of the healthcare system, including structure, economics and performance.

Health-care Information Systems: Challenges of the New Millennium reports on the implementation of these systems, looking at both the success stories as well as the reasons for failure in the design, development and implementation of these systems.

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Healthcare Information Systems: Challenges of the New Millenium


A timely new book for a wide range of health professionals trying to understand the new culture of healthcare information systems. The wide range of topics written by a range of international experts provides an ideal knowledge base for those entering the field."Physicians will find this book an ideal concise reference for learning about the nature of healthcare information systems, their use, and most important-what determines the success or failure of such systems.""This compact collection of chapters edited by Armoni will help all healthcare workers understand why they need information systems in their work. By touching a wide range of issues-problems of implementation, security of data, artificial intelligence, telemedicine-the book will enable all readers to connect to this exploding field."

– Basil Porter, MD, MPHMedical Director, Southern Region Unit of Health Services ManagementBen Gurion University

The trend that began towards the end of the 20th Century will gather momentum in the next millenium. All personnel related to healthcare will be exposed to the massive usage of computers and information systems. This book covers a wide variety of issues related to healthcare systems and, therefore, is of importance to medical personnel. This book offers large coverage of issues in the field and is, thus, recommended for everyone who wants to be up to date."The wide variety of computer platforms, data-needs to support the medical decision making processes; ethical and legal aspects, various kinds of applications and users, poses an enormous challenge to the field of healthcare information technology. Thus, it is crucial for every medical professional, as well as the medical student, to become acquainted with healthcare information technology. For this reason, the use of this book which covers a variety of issues, such as success and failure factors in healthcare information systems, digital medical records, security aspects, data warehousing and data mining systems in healthcare, telemedicine, medical use of artificial intelligence, etc. is of great importance."

– Menahem Fainaru, MDDean, Sackler Faculty of Medicine

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