Bioterrorism and Biosecurity

Bioterrorism and Biosecurity

M. Pradhan
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Information Technology can be used at all levels to counter attack bioterrorism. This article gives an overview of use of Information Technology for Biosecurity measures. Biosecurity measures involve information with respect to identifying living organisms, security for information retrieval from those databases that store laboratory details, medical, and clinical data, and finally security measures for retrieval using wireless technology. Also, this chapter gives an understanding of different Bioinformatics techniques and tools that are widely used for biosecurity measures.
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The Bioterrorism attacks dates back to 6th century B.C., when rye ergot was used to poison the enemies. Over the past few years these threats have increased by 100 percent. As the potential for large scale biological and chemical attacks have increased, large amount of money is being spent by the government to find solution to counter act this problem.

Key Terms in this Chapter

Genetic Algorithm: Search technique to find exact or approximate solution to search problems.

Biometrics: Greek word meaning life-measures. Study of methods to uniquely recognize person based on physical traits.

Select Agents: Potential weapons whose transfer in the scientific and medical communities is regulated to keep them out of unfriendly agents.

Grid Computing: Controlled sharing and management of large amount of distributed data.

Electronic Certificate: It is electronic card to establish credentials.

Biosecurity: “the management of all biological and environment risk associated food, agriculture, farming, poultry, livestock, forest, and fishers to protect safety of humans and animals worldwide.”

Bioterrorism: Bioterrorism attack is the deliberate release of viruses, bacteria, or other germs used to cause illness or death in people, animals, or plants.

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