The MultiPlasticity of New Media

The MultiPlasticity of New Media

Gianluca Mura (Politecnico di Milano, Italy)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60960-821-7.ch013
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Interaction systems with the user need complex and suitable conceptual and multisensorial new media definition. This study analyzes social and conceptual evolutions of digital media and proposes an interactive mixed-space media model which communicates the information contents and enhances the user experience between interactive space of physical objects and online virtual space. Its feedback gives information through user performance among its multisensorial interfaces. The research widens previous research publications, and gives precisely a definition of a fuzzy logic cognitive and emotional perception level to the metaplastic multimedia model. It augments the interaction quality within its conceptual media space through an action-making loop and gives as a result new contents of information within its metaplastic metaspace configurations.
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The Virtual Medium

At the beginning of the 21st century, Manovich(2001) declared that the first decades of the last century, the Early Age of Machines, have been more relevant to New Media culture than any other time period. “The earlier plastic art movements characterized the conceptual and structural basis of the virtual media with the spatial and kinetic methodologies activated by the user during its interaction processes”(Mura,2010). Manovich utilizes the term Meta-Media to describe contemporary works that coincides with a postmodernism's “ready-made” design concept of making new artefact from reinterpreting old artefacts. This New media Avant-Garde “is about new ways of accessing and manipulating information”(Manovich,2001) (e.g. hypermedia,databases,search engines etc.). Meta-media is an example of how quantity can change into quality as in new media technology and manipulation techniques can “recode modernist aesthetics into a very different postmodern aesthetics”(Manovich,2001).

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