Periodisation and Dance: Planning to Optimise Performance and Ensure the Health of Dancers

Periodisation and Dance: Planning to Optimise Performance and Ensure the Health of Dancers

Mariana Matos
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-4261-3.ch012
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In addition to the annual dance steps teaching plan, a training plan designed for the dancer to reach the main presentation's peak performance is required. This training plan is called periodisation and seems to be a great tool for optimizing performance and avoiding overtraining. This chapter addresses the concepts of periodization translated by sport and association with the conditions found in dance. The manipulation of the volume and intensity of the dancer's integral training will be at the heart of the periodisation proposed in this chapter. The division of phases of a company's season or a year in the dance school will be analysed. The different phases aim to prepare the dancer's body for this activity's demands, improving and maintaining one performance, health, and quality of life.
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Key Terms in this Chapter

Endurance: It refers to the ability of muscular endurance. The ability of a muscle to withstand a longer effort.

Flexibility: Ability to perform movement in large joint amplitude using one or more joints.

Plyometric: A workout that aims to work the muscle power (strength X speed). In general, exercises with jumps are used.

Aerobic: It refers to the body's ability to capture, transport and use oxygen to generate energy. The greater this capacity, the more physical effort time is supported by the individual.

Competitive Phase:Main phase of the periodisation: where the peak of performance is reached.

Transitional Phase: Final phase of a macrocycle, where the volume and intensity decrease so that there is a recovery of the body for a new cycle.

Elevés: Movement in which the dancer raises his heels to a half-point or point, starting from the ground.

Balance: Ability to maintain the center of gravity of the body within its support base

Microcycle: It's the smallest part of a periodisation. It can refer to a week or a day of training.

Macrocycle: Period that refers to the planning of a season.

Coordination: Ability to perform movements with good motor control.

Strength: It refers to the ability to perform strength through muscle contraction.

Mesocycle: A smaller division of macrocycle planning. It can be similar to a subphase or planning block.

Preparatory Phase: First phase of the macrocycle, where general physical capacities should be worked.

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