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What is Affordability

Handbook of Research on Contemporary Storytelling Methods Across New Media and Disciplines
The ability to pay for healthcare services without foregoing food and other essentials.
Published in Chapter:
Medical Sociology and Storytelling in a Decolonial Context: Exploring Photovoice as a Critical Pedagogical Tool
Chinwe Obuaku-Igwe (University of the Western Cape, South Africa)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-6605-3.ch018
The use of photovoice for storytelling and as a critical pedagogical tool is still exploratory. Despite calls to rethink, re-imagine, and rework curriculums, many challenges remain in designing assessments that utilize creative storytelling formats that demonstrate an awareness of the social context, history, and lived realities of students. This chapter addresses the outcomes of a classroom-based study that explored whether a photovoice essay, used in a medical sociology undergraduate assessment, facilitated a critical analysis of the social determinants of health by students, and oriented them towards taking action. Existing research on critical pedagogy tends to focus on investigating the feasibility or extent of dialogical exploration of societal hegemonies, and prospects of future transformations between teachers and students in the classroom. This chapter provides an overview of how photovoice and reflective writing are used to create new stories by students in a South African university and how it can be supported.
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More Results
Conceptualizing a Contextual Measurement for Digital Divide/s: Using an Integrated Narrative
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Market Receptiveness and Product Positioning Model of Chinese Firms in Emerging Markets
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Problems and Prospects of Digital or Online Services Towards Making the Aged-Friendly City
The affordability of anything is determined by how much it costs in comparison to the buyer's budget. Therefore, the availability of a medication for individuals who require it at the time of need, at a price that does not put them at risk of major adverse events, such as not being able to meet other fundamental human requirements, is referred to as affordability.
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Improving Patient Care With Telemedicine Technology
A measure of people’s ability to pay for services without financial hardship. It considers not only the price of the health services but also indirect and opportunity costs such as the costs of transportation to and from facilities and of taking time away from work.
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Digital Divide
The financial means to access or purchase computer equipment, electricity and an Internet connection.
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Food Security in Asia: Is There Convergence?
This category measures the ability of consumers to purchase food, their vulnerability to price shocks, and the presence of program and policies to support them when shocks occur.
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