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What is Algorithm Animation

Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, Second Edition
Visualization of a piece of software illustrating the main ideas or steps (i.e., its algorithmic behavior), but without a close relationship to the source code.
Published in Chapter:
Web-Based Algorithm and Program Visualization for Education
Cristóbal Pareja-Flores (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain), Jaime Urquiza-Fuentes (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Spain), and J. Ángel Velázquez Iturbide (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Spain)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60566-026-4.ch654
Probably, the most common use of the Web for programming courses is as a communication medium, facilitating submission and administration of assignments and grades (Burd, 2000). Another common use of the Web for programming education is as a public repository of high quality problems, such as the Lab Repository (Knox, 2006) and the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (Skiena & Revilla, 2003). Web sites may also host other resources, such as slides and audio lectures (Skiena & Revilla, 2003), algorithm animations (Brummond, 2001), or programming tools (English, 2001). These collections have no structure or, at best, are lineally or hierarchically structured, but more advanced repositories are possible. In this case, a management system must be delivered that, using (semi)structured mark-up languages, allows retrieving, maintaining, and publishing. A good representative is the eXercita system (Gregorio-Rodríguez et al., 2000, 2002). Finally, programming tools have been ported to be executed on the Web (Pareja-Flores & Velázquez-Iturbide, 2002). This article describes a different class of Web-based tools for programming education, namely tools for algorithm and program visualization. After the Background section, we describe the evolution of these systems, educational uses, and lessons learned. Finally, we outline future trends in the use of the Web for programming education and our personal conclusions.
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Applications of Visual Algorithm Simulation
is the process of visualizing the behavior of an algorithm by abstracting the data, operations, and semantics of the algorithm by creating dynamic graphical views of those abstractions.
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