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What is Ambient Assisted Living

Handbook of Research on ICTs for Human-Centered Healthcare and Social Care Services
The Ambient Assisted Living is a sub-area of the Ambient Intelligence.
Published in Chapter:
Privacy and Data Protection towards Elderly Healthcare
Ângelo Costa (University of Minho, Portugal), Francisco Andrade (University of Minho, Portugal), and Paulo Novais (University of Minho, Portugal)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-3986-7.ch017
Developed societies are registering a dramatic change in terms of population evolution, the most important fact being the ageing population. An alarming fact is that the birth-rate is dropping very fast, inverting the ageing pyramid that used to have a higher incidence on the young population, now having a higher incidence in the older population. In the quest to provide answers to some problems the elderly population has, applications and projects arise from the Ambient Assisted Living area, providing services that help the user in his daily life, providing the needed help and trying to be as non-invasive as possible. The fact is that these systems operate optimally by using information about the user, assisting him according to his preferences. The data gathered for such events is highly personal and sensitive. This can cause a loss of privacy and affect personal data. In this chapter, the authors present an Ambient Assisted Living project towards assistance to an elderly population. The problems and possible solutions in the legal area towards loss of privacy and personal data and information use is also covered.
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Ambient Assisted Living and Internet of Things
An emerging multi-disciplinary field aiming at providing an ecosystem of different types of sensors, computers, mobile devices, wireless networks and software applications for personal healthcare monitoring and telehealth systems.
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Ambient Intelligence in Perspective
This concerns the use of ambient intelligent techniques to enable elderly people live independently for as long as possible.
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Internet of Things, Security of Data, and Cyber Security
A subcategory of environmental intelligence, using environmental intelligence techniques, processes, and technologies.
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A Holistic Infrastructure to Support Elderlies' Independent Living
It’s a relatively new ICT trend to embed intelligent objects in the environment to support people (mostly elderly) in living independently and monitored.
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Instrumenting the eHome and Preparing Elderly Pilots: The USEFIL Approach
Concepts, methods, electronic systems, products and services, which transparently assist the daily lives of people in need of support.
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Artificial Intelligence and Reliability Metrics in Medical Image Analysis
AAL provides an effective IoT platform governed by artificial intelligence algorithms, thereby satisfying the reliability metric in monitoring patient’s health in their place of living in a safe manner. The AAL system includes activity monitoring of patients which is important for patient suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, bedsore, diabetes, and osteoarthritis.
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E-Health: Current Status and Future Trends
New area that use of information and communication technology to enable new products, services, and processes that help to provide safe, healthy, lives for the aged and for people in recovery.
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Assistive Technologies for People with Dementia
Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) are concepts, products and services which combine new technologies and the social environment in order to improve quality of life in all periods of life.
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