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What is Automated Image Diagnostics

Encyclopedia of Data Science and Machine Learning
It applies computer assisted mechanism to get the results of medical images taken for a patient to derive results by applying systematic procedures which are provided in the form of software.
Published in Chapter:
An Intelligent Virtual Medical Assistant for Healthcare Prediction
Jeya Mala D. (Vellore Institute of Technology, Chennai, India) and Pradeep Reynold A. (InduTch Composites Pvt. Ltc., India)
Copyright: © 2023 |Pages: 17
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-9220-5.ch050
Developing an intelligent virtual medical assistant device would be a better solution for people who can't spend their time and/or who have movement and transportation issues for physical diagnosis and checkup, especially the old-age people and those who have other movement related diseases. Such virtual medical assistants will be a boon to both patients and their relatives. A simple IoT-enabled virtual medical assistant can be an IoT device with sensors to monitor the health status on some basic parameters such as temperature, blood pressure, oxygen level, etc. However, for providing smart healthcare, intelligence needs to be embedded in these kinds of virtual assistants. This article discusses the application of machine intelligence (ML) algorithms in an intelligent virtual medical assistant to provide improved solutions by tracking the patients' historical data along with the current data, which can then provide suggestions, notifications, and medical prescriptions for self-improvement.
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