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What is Artefact

Handbook of Research on Computational Forensics, Digital Crime, and Investigation: Methods and Solutions
A distortion in a digital still photograph caused by the process of image capture or processing, with applications in provenance tracing.
Published in Chapter:
Digital Camera Photographic Provenance
Matthew Sorell (University of Adelaide, Australia)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60566-836-9.ch005
Whether investigating individual photographs or a large repository of images, it is often critical to establish some history of the generation, manipulation and/or distribution of the images, which is to say the provenance. The applications of image provenance are wide, including the detection of steganographic messages and image tampering, the clustering of images with like provenance, and the gathering of evidence which establishes (or refutes) a hypothetical source. This chapter considers published research and identifies research gaps which address the general challenges of digital image provenance with an explicit emphasis on evidence related to the camera or other digital source.
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Towards a Social Dramaturgy of Digital Education During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Romania: A Qualitative Discourse Analysis
In a phenomenological sense, they represent technologies with multiple social and historical values, meant to explain their role in the relationship with humans.
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From Face-to-face to Online Foreign Language Teaching: Capitalising on Lessons Learned During COVID-19
A product made by a human. In educational contexts, a product of students’ work.
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Framing Organisational Knowledge Through the Brand
A tangible or intangible human creation, representative of a culture or specific context.
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Increasing Participation in Large-Scale Virtual Environments: Rethinking the Ecological Cognition Frameworks for the Augmented, Mixed, and Virtual Reality
An internal or external representation of or a tool, sign, symbol, word or similar that allows an actor to interact with the world whether virtual. mixed or organic.
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Non-Technical Skills (NTS) Training for UAV Operators: Situational Awareness and Workload Management
Shein’s model of culture is well established in the aviation human factors area. Shein divides organizational culture into three levels. One level refers to artefacts, which are the visual organizational structures and processes that are easy to identify, yet are hard to understand.
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Virtual Communities of Practice
An artefact in the context of CoPs indicates objects, articles, and “things” which have been created by the CoP to assist the members in their work and which may have some of the community’s knowledge embedded in them. Artefacts do not have to be concrete – a process or procedure may be an artefact.
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