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What is Authority

Encyclopedia of Knowledge Management, Second Edition
An established power to enforce moral or legal decisions. Organizational authority is accountable for its actions. Authority is a right to demand and instruct subordinates. Authority may also be delegated or be derived from delegated control. The organization may mandate power to a role or position a group or individual in authority, or power may be assigned or sanctioned by consensus.
Published in Chapter:
Governance of Knowledge Management
Suzanne Zyngier (Zyngier Consulting, Australia)
Copyright: © 2011 |Pages: 12
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-931-1.ch034
Despite the more than 25 years since Nonaka wrote the Knowledge Creating Company in the Harvard Business Review (1991) there are still many barriers to implementation of knowledge management (KM) strategies. These include a lack of time and financial resources allocated to sharing knowledge, a lack of organizational understanding of the philosophy and the benefits of KM, a lack of skills in KM and difficulties in effectively establishing a return on investment (RIO) in KM. However both case studies and survey data show that greatest acknowledged obstacle to the implementation of a KM strategy is the management culture of the organization (Alavi & Leidner, 1999; DeTienne, Dyer, Hoopes, & Harris, 2004; H. Lee & Choi, 2003; McAdam & Reid, 2001; Murray, 1998; Ruzzier, Sohal, Katna, & Zyngier, 2008) These obstacles reveal a problem in the implementation of an organizational KM strategy. The problem lies not in the implementation of a given strategy per se, but in the lack of governance of that strategy.
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Activity: Studying the IT Audit Area Controls
The power or right to enforce obedience, give commands, initiate action, or make final decisions.
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Psychological Empowerment: How Can the Tourism Industry Adopt It?
The responsibility of managers in making decisions, directing their subordinates, and the right to carry out certain tasks to achieve organizational goals.
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Response and Recovery Tactics
The entity or person designated to deal with matters associated with regulations and rules set forth in Code ( FAO, 2007 ).
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A Survey of Link Analysis Ranking
A Web-page with “good” content. Following Kleinbergs definition, a Web page is an authority if there “good” HUBS pointing to it.
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“Type Amen” or Perish!: Religious Deception on Facebook
The legitimacy to enforce rules or give order entrusted on an institution or individual.
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Cost and Cost Politics in Airport Takeovers: Two Cases From North Carolina
The power to give orders, make decisions or enforce rules. In this paper Authority refers to the governing power exercised by an airport. This varies depending on how that particular airport is structured.
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Horse Entrepreneurs and Their Customers as Partners in Combating the Coronavirus Pandemic: A Preliminary Study of the Principal-Agent Relationship
Organizations or representatives of these organizations that have power over citizens. This power was based on national or international legislation.
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Unpacking Power Dynamics in Coaching and Leadership: A Critical Examination
The legitimate power granted to an individual or entity to make decisions, give commands, and enforce obedience within a defined scope or context.
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Distributed Leadership in Educational Training: Educational Leadership
Power to hold people accountable for their actions to make decisions about the use of the organization's resources.
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