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What is Calm Technology

Encyclopedia of Multimedia Technology and Networking, Second Edition
Understand that technology that does not affect life or environment in which (or for which) it produced.
Published in Chapter:
Calm Technologies as the Future Goal of Information Technologies
Alexandru Tugui (Al I. Cuza University, Romania)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60566-014-1.ch026
The evolution of the human society over the last 50,000 years has been greatly influenced by technology. The last 200 years have brought about technological achievements at a breathtaking speed. For about six decades, we have been the beneficiaries of the information technologies, which have acquired, over the last 20-25 years, due to the communication technology, an exponential proliferation. In an ideal world, computers will blend into the landscape, will inform but not overburden you with information, and make you aware of them only when you need them. Therefore, the human being is a mere subject of technology, and his everyday life has become increasingly stressing. In order to diminish this stress, solutions have been considered, designed to “tame” the technologies that the human being uses, so as to become calm technologies, that is, technologies that affect neither the human life nor the environment. We can say that everything that surrounds us is technology! Be it or not natural, It influences the environment we live in. Here is a serious reason for every technology to be calm! This article basically deals with the concept of calm technologies and with the characteristics that should be emphasized in the field of the information and communication technologies aimed at turning them into calm technologies.
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Embedding Ubiquitous Technologies
This type of technology aims to reduce information overload by letting the user select what information is at the center of their attention and what information is peripheral. Calm technology is envisioned to not only relax the user, but move unneeded information to the edge of an interface, thus allowing more information to exist there, ready for selection when needed.
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