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What is Concepts

Handbook of Research on Contemporary Theoretical Models in Information Systems
A term or label to describe aspects of reality that can be consciously sensed or experienced; the term or description given to events, situations or processes. Evidenced that is sense-based or grouped together through thought connections.
Published in Chapter:
An Evidence-Based Health Information System Theory
Daniel Carbone (University of Melbourne, Australia)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60566-659-4.ch006
The aim of this chapter is to bridge the gap between what is known about IS theory and the specifics characteristics of health to develop an evidence based health information systems theory. An initial background first sets the significance for the need to have a solid information systems theory in health and then argues that neither the information systems literature nor the health sector have been able to provide any satisfactory pathway to facilitate the adoption of information systems in health settings. The chapter further continues by reviewing the common pathway to develop information systems theory and the knowledge foundations used in the process, and then proceeds to highlight how this theory was developed. Subsequently, the building blocks (constructs, premises, supporting evidence and conclusions) that underpins the constructs and a brief explanation of the relationships between them is included. A discussion and limitation section is then followed by a conclusion.
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Concept-Based Text Mining
Represent real world phenomena (events, objects, subjects, feelings, actions, etc) and they help to understand ideas and ideologies present in texts.
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Cognition and Learning
This is our means of dividing the world into Manageable units (Atkinson, Atkinson, Smith, & Hilgard, 1987). To have a concept is to know the properties common to all. Concepts are categorization of objects, events, people or animals that share common characteristics. Such categorization enables us to organize complex information into simpler, easily manageable cognitive categories.
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Text Mining
Meaning is defined beyond a word. A concept is a semantic entity which can be expressed by several words or by a group of words.
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A Case Study of Instructional Delivery Formats
Lower order thinking where a student can appropriately define basic ideas from the content.
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