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What is Consumer Empowerment

Handbook of Research on War Policies, Strategies, and Cyber Wars
is the process enabled through technology as developments in web and social media enable consumers to access high level detailed information, communicate directly with the corporations, share experiences with other consumers, and act as groups
Published in Chapter:
Consumer Reactions and Brand Strategies in Wartime
Mine Yurdagel (Bahçeşehir University, Turkey) and Gözde Baycur (Yeditepe University, Turkey)
Copyright: © 2023 |Pages: 21
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-6741-1.ch004
Wars and political conflicts are crucial factors that shape consumer choices and responses. Tensions among countries may lead consumers to boycott the products of certain countries and brands that support those countries. The major goal of this chapter is to explain how war and other types of political conflicts among countries can affect consumer brand relationships. While discussing the economic repercussions of conflicts and war, this chapter will explore the literature streams of country of origin, consumer animosity, consumer power and boycotts, and brand activism. Contemporary instances of how brand-consumer connections change during times of conflict will be examined. In conclusion, the chapter will provide practical insights for brands to survive wartime and be less vulnerable to international political tensions.
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Personally Engaged with Retail Clients: Marketing 3.0 in Response to New Consumer Profiles
A mental state usually accompanied by a physical act which enables a consumer or a group of consumers to put into effect their own choices through demonstrating their needs, wants and demands in their decision-making with other individuals or organisational bodies in the marketplace.
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Legal and Ethical Aspects of CSR: Potential in New Business Models Development
The trend in consumer behavior visible in their independence and determination to actively participate in co-creating value with companies and service providers.
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The Valuable Alliance between Social Media and E-Commerce: Social Networks as a Tool for Transparency, Dialogue, and Sales
The control the customer obtains over certain aspects until now belonging to companies or brands, such as product characteristics, derived from their active participation and collaboration with them.
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