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What is Crowd

Digital Government and Achieving E-Public Participation: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Anyone who is aware of the task to be crowd sourced and who can use the Internet to contribute to such a goal.
Published in Chapter:
Explaining Government Crowdsourcing Decisions: A Theoretical Model
Nilay Yavuz (Middle East Technical University, Turkey), Naci Karkın (Pamukkale University, Turkey), and Ecem Buse Sevinç Çubuk (Aydin Adnan Menderes University, Turkey & Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-1526-6.ch008
Crowdsourcing online has been popularly utilized especially among business organizations to achieve efficiency and effectiveness goals and to obtain a competitive advantage in the market. With the governments' increasing interest in using information and communication technologies for a variety of purposes, including generation of public value(s) and innovative practices, online crowdsourcing has also entered into the public administration domain. Accordingly, studies have investigated critical success factors for governmental crowdsourcing, or explored citizen participation in crowdsourcing activities in case studies. However, governmental decision to adopt online crowdsourcing as innovation has not been sufficiently examined in the extant literature. The objective of this chapter is to propose a theoretical model that explains the government adoption of crowdsourcing. Based on the review of case studies on governmental crowdsourcing, an integrated theoretical model of factors affecting government crowdsourcing decisions is developed.
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Navigating Through Virtual Worlds: From Single Characters to Large Crowds
A large number of static or moving characters in a digital game, either with a shared goal or with individual goals.
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An Overview of Crowdsourcing
A group of people from geographically distributed locations, different professions, and different cultures.
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