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What is Data Breach

Multidisciplinary Approaches to Ethics in the Digital Era
When the information is stolen or used without consent of the system’s owner, the data stolen may cover confidential information like credit cards or passwords.
Published in Chapter:
Social Media Short Video-Sharing TikTok Application and Ethics: Data Privacy and Addiction Issues
Kevser Zeynep Meral (İstanbul Bahçeşehir University, Turkey)
Copyright: © 2021 |Pages: 19
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-4117-3.ch010
With 3.8 billion users, social media created ethical problems as well. The Cambridge Analytica scandal has been a serious issue with data security lately. Contents not in compliance with general moral rules is another important violation of ethics. TikTok application, the fastest-rising short video-sharing website, is examined. As a result of the literature review, it is observed that TikTok application also had ethical violations issues like lack of private data safety, not sufficient precautionary system barriers for the young generation, and addiction risk. Furthermore, considering that the young people can interact with malicious users through the fake accounts and the risk of sharing their exceptional videos to have more viewers, it is suggested that the sanctions should be arranged as a deterrent in violation of the rules. Parents and young users must be educated about the risks and ethical violations of social media.
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The 2018 Facebook Data Controversy and Technological Alienation
A process where large amounts of private data, mostly about individuals, becomes illegally available to people who should not have access to the information.
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Patient Privacy and Security in E-Health
An incident in which sensitive, protected or confidential data has been viewed, stolen or used by an unauthorized body.
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US Cybersecurity Laws and Regulations: Current Trends and Recommendations for Improvement
An incident wherein information is stolen or taken from a system without the knowledge or authorization of the system’s owner.
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National Security Policy and Strategy and Cyber Security Risks
The unauthorized movement or disclosure of sensitive information to a party, usually outside the organization, that is not authorized to have or see the information.
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Dark Web: A Breeding Ground for ID Theft and Financial Crimes
The unauthorized access and dissemination of data sourced from corporate databases. Data breaches can happen either via exploiting a technical vulnerability, or by human factors, such as social engineering or insider threat.
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Internet Privacy
An incident where information is accessed without authorization.
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Cybercrime in Online Gaming
A security incident involving unauthorized access to data.
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Challenges of Developing AI Applications in the Evolving Digital World and Recommendations to Mitigate Such Challenges: A Conceptual View
This refers to any intentional or unintentional leak of secure or private or confidential data to any untrusted system. This is also referred to as information disclosure or data spill.
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