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What is Digital Object

Handbook of Research on Digital Libraries: Design, Development, and Impact
An object composed of a set of bit sequences ((CCSDS), 2002).
Published in Chapter:
Digital Preservation
Stephan Strodl (Vienna University of Technology, Austria), Christoph Becker (Vienna University of Technology, Austria), and Andreas Rauber (Vienna University of Technology, Austria)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-879-6.ch044
The rapid ongoing changes in software and hardware put digital information at risk. The challenge is to keep electronic data accessible, viewable, and usable for the future when the original software to interpret them has become unavailable. Digital preservation has thus turned into on of the most pressing challenges not only within the digital library community, but also in other areas such as archives and data centres. This chapter introduces the concepts and challenges in the field of digital preservation including the OAIS reference model. We give an overview about the projects and initiatives worldwide dealing with this challenge. We furthermore present preservation planning as a key concept at the heart of preservation endeavours in detail.
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Digital Archives for Preserving and Communicating Architectural Drawings
A digital representation of archival materials. It could be an image, text, sound, video, 3D. It could be also the original object when born digital.
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Core Topics in Digital Library Education
An electronic document, multimedia content item, or representation of information in computer form (i.e., made of 0s and 1s)—the basic unit of what is stored in or taken out of a digital library.
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