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What is Doctoral Candidate

Creating a Framework for Dissertation Preparation: Emerging Research and Opportunities
A doctoral candidate is a person progressing through their doctoral studies, who has completed all requisite coursework throughout the doctoral program of study, passed the comprehensive examinations, and the final achievement is the doctoral capstone. The doctoral capstone is, within many institutions, the dissertation.
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The 10 “C”s Towards Authentically Supporting Doctoral Students: Gracefully and Successfully Supporting Doctoral Students Towards Completing the Capstone Experience
Caroline M. Crawford (University of Houston – Clear Lake, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-9707-0.ch006
Doctoral candidates progressing through their dissertation capstone requires not only research and scholarly support, but also engagement towards supporting the doctoral candidate's metamorphosis from a student to a member of the academy, from an agentic social cognitive transformation, from a product developed through the coursework experiences towards a triumphant specialist displaying command over the knowledge base through the display of the dissertation attainment success. The support structure delineated within this discussion reflects the following 10 “C”s: corroborating clarity, championing communication,; championing self-regulation, completing calendar timetables, categorizing priorities, continuous motivation, carrying cognitive load concerns, conquering frustration, cognitive vulnerability, and correcting plagiaristic tendencies.
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Showcasing Dreams, Desires, Vision, Whimsy, Illusion, and Anxious Uncertainty: Understanding Aspects of Perseverance and Determination Towards Doctoral Capstone Successes
A doctoral candidate is a student enrolled in a doctoral program of study, who has achieved successful completion of all associated coursework, successfully completed the requisite candidacy paper and comprehensive examination, and has the ability to progress forward towards the doctoral capstone experience.
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