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What is Dt

Handbook of Research on Automated Feature Engineering and Advanced Applications in Data Science
Decision tree (DT) is like a hub and stub chain model for decision care schemes including their imaginable significances, occurrence of coincidental consequences, cost of properties and efficacy.
Published in Chapter:
Machine Automation Making Cyber-Policy Violator More Resilient: A Proportionate Study
Gyana Ranjana Panigrahi (Sambalpur University, India), Nalini Kanta Barpanda (Sambalpur University, India), and Madhumita Panda (Gangadhar Meher University, India)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-6659-6.ch018
Cybersecurity is of global importance. Nearly all association suffer from an active cyber-attack. However, there is a lack of making cyber policy violator more resilient for analysts in proportionately analyzing security incidents. Now the question: Is there any proper technique of implementations for assisting automated decision to the analyst using a comparison study feature selection method? The authors take multi-criteria decision-making methods for comparison. Here the authors use CICDDoS2019 datasets consisting of Windows benign and the most vanguard for shared bouts. Hill-climbing algorithm may be incorporated to select best features. The time-based pragmatic data can be extracted from the mainsheet for classification as distributed cyber-policy violator or legitimate benign using decision tree (DT) with analytical hierarchy process (AHP) (DT-AHP), support vector machine (SVM) with technique for order of preference by similarity to ideal solution (SVM-TOPSIS) and mixed model of k-nearest neighbor (KNN AHP-TOPSIS) algorithms.
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