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What is eDRMS (electronic Document and Records Management System)

Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, Fourth Edition
This contains the secure and systematic management of unstructured or semi-structured data, statistics, information and documents; a reduction in redundancy and duplication of information; a reduced risk of not being able to retrieve information when required; improved security, thereby reducing the risk of unauthorized access; greater ability to discover and re-use information; better control of statistics, information, data & document versions; and a reduction in the response time for information requests. This includes institutional information and metadata management strategies, standards, policies and procedures, effective data management culture of understanding and appreciation of the value of making, keeping and managing full and accurate statistics, data, information and documents, standard operating procedures including roles and responsibilities and security models ( Queensland Government, 2010 ).
Published in Chapter:
An Integrated Electronic IQA System for HEI
Teay Shawyun (King Saud University, Saudi Arabia)
Copyright: © 2018 |Pages: 19
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-2255-3.ch337
Most HEIs have piecemeal partially linked QMS (Quality Management System) or mechanisms to manage the data, statistics and documents heavy quality management of its academic aspirations disjointed from the planning dimension. The integrated eIQA structured in 9 e-modules are aimed at integrating the quality-information-planning trilogy into a paperless online real-time era of quality-information-planning management working in full tandem in conjunctions with each other holistically to support the key management and institution performance management and informed decision making. The linkages are establlished via the key reports, statistics, documents and action plans and projects required of quality management and accreditation across the QMS-PMS (Planning Management System) duo, as supported by a data warehouse and its applications data marts that interlinks the 9 e-modules in in eIQA.
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