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What is Global Media

Multidisciplinary Perspectives Towards Building a Digitally Competent Society
Global media includes television, newspapers, radio, social media (Facebook, YouTube, twitter, etc.) and all forms of mass communication that reach every corner of the world.
Published in Chapter:
Media Mediation on Academic Advancement for Youths' International Mobility Pursuing Higher Education
Md Tariqul Islam (BRAC University, Bangladesh)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-5274-5.ch012
In this globalised world, students' international mobility pursuing higher education is considered important for the future policies and practices of both host and sending countries. This chapter explores young Bangladeshi students' decisions about overseas higher education by outlining the linkage between the factors related to education and media. The chapter follows a qualitative research methodology and an inductive data analysis approach. Data were collected through semi-structured interviews from purposively recruited 18 research participants studying in two Australian universities. Findings show that media informed the research participants about global education, culture, technology, and economics. Thus, they have become interested in developing the identity of the global citizen through mobility. Drawing upon the theorisation of Bauman and Appadurai, the author illustrated the politics of neoliberal consumerist dreams and desires that the academic environment and media create among young Bangladeshi students to be physically mobile to seek higher education in Australian universities.
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Global Media, Television, and the Americanization of Young Africans
It is the communication through the media on a worldwide platform.
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