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What is Heterogeneous

Handbook of Research on Mobile Multimedia, Second Edition
Devices built by different manufacturers using parts or elements that conform to different standards.
Published in Chapter:
Next Generation Mobile Multimedia
Paul Fergus (Liverpool John Moores University, UK)
Copyright: © 2009 |Pages: 17
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60566-046-2.ch006
The number of consumer devices that are being equipped with networking capabilities is increasing rapidly. This is seen as a fundamental strategy within the consumer electronics domain where failure to provide such support may result in a considerable loss in market share. As end users become more comfortable with the idea of networking the devices they own, there will be a need to allow the heterogeneous devices they own to seamlessly work together irrespective of their capabilities or conventional usage scenarios. Addressing this challenge means that next generation mobile multimedia will be highly multidisciplinary where advances from many research domains will be included. In parallel, users will be empowered where they will not only be able to generate user content, but also interact with it. Content itself will become increasingly more influenced by the environment, where new technologies, such as sensor networks, will play a significant part. Social networks and immersive environments are commonplace, where users now choose to socialise within these environments. Many mobile multimedia solutions will capitalise on the benefits social networking technologies provide to help change the face of next generation mobile multimedia, where real-time interaction with content at anytime and anyplace will become standard. In this chapter we provide a discussion on the state-of-the-art research initiatives that are trying to address these challenges. A discussion is presented on some of the more recent background work and a view of what future mobile multimedia might look like. Throughout the discussion we present the challenges faced by many research communities and the likely trends that will emerge given such challenges.
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Female Writings in Times of Crisis: A Transnational Feminist and Sociolinguistic Study
Is a concept that refers to a society or a group of people that is diverse in terms of its individuals’ different ethnicities, cultures, races, genders, and religions.
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Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks: Applications and Routing Protocols
A sensor network is said to be heterogeneous if it is being used for more than one application or more than one type of sensory data is being collected.
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Autistic Spectrum Conditions in Higher Education During COVID-19: Recommendations and Support Strategies
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Neo-Tribes or Subcultures?: The Nature of Subcultures in Large Complex Organizations
Often associated with diversity and differentiation. For subcultures, it can refer to difference between subcultures or differences between members within a subculture.
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Knowledge Management in Large Complex Organizations: The Subcultural Level
Diverse, varied, dissimilar, e.g., different subculture existing in a single organisation.
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