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What is Browsing

Handbook of Research on Web Information Systems Quality
The definition of browsing is to inspect, in a leisurely and casual way, a body of information, usually on the World Wide Web, based on the organization of the collections, without clearly-defined intentions. Hypertext is an appropriate conceptual model for organization. Usually, hypertext systems encourage browsing by stimulating the user to follow links. Today, most hypertext systems employ the point-and-click paradigm for user interaction; information is just one click (of the mouse button) away.
Published in Chapter:
Improving the Quality of Web Search
Mohamed Salah Hamdi (University of Qatar, Qatar)
Copyright: © 2008 |Pages: 18
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-847-5.ch026
Conventional Web search engines return long lists of ranked documents that users are forced to sift through to find relevant documents. The notoriously-low precision of Web search engines coupled with the ranked list presentation make it hard for users to find the information they seek. Developing retrieval techniques that will yield high recall and high precision is desirable. Unfortunately, such techniques would impose additional resource demands on the search engines which are already under severe resource constraints. A more productive approach, however, seems to enhance post-processing of the retrieved set. If such value-adding processes allow the user to easily identify relevant documents from a large retrieved set, queries that produce low precision/high recall results will become more acceptable. We propose improving the quality of Web search by combining meta-search and self-organizing maps. This can help users both in locating interesting documents more easily and in getting an overview of the retrieved document set.
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The Changing Nature of Information Behaviour
A process, which people conduct when they are unsure as to the information that might be useful to them and/or where suitable information might be found.
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Visual Merchandising in Online Retailing Based on Physical Retailing Design Principles
a shopper’s opportunistic exploration of a retail environment; unfocused navigation and viewing of products
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