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What is Influence Diagrams

Handbook of Research on Gamification Dynamics and User Experience Design
Are graphical and mathematical representation of a decision situation. By using various shapes, an influence diagram depicts decisions, uncertainties, and objectives.
Published in Chapter:
Promoting Secure and Sustainable Behavior in Digital Ecosystems Through Gamification
Mazaher Kianpour (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway) and Stewart James Kowalski (Research Institute of Sweden, Sweden)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-4291-3.ch009
While academic interest has grown in using gamification in training different aspects of cybersecurity, the research remains sparse on the design and development of games that focus on integrated concepts of security and sustainability. This chapter builds on a previously presented framework for designing serious games and develops and evaluates an instantiation of a game aimed to promote secure and sustainable behavior in digital ecosystems. It describes the theoretical foundation of the game, giving a detailed account of its game design process. Then, it provides the preliminary evaluation in which significant qualitative evidence of security and sustainable behavior is observed regarding progressive system thinking and anticipatory and problem-solving competencies. The results show that gamification facilitated learning the concepts and changing behavior towards sustainability transitions. Further investigation, with larger sample size, is required using other game elements that promote cooperation and critical thinking competencies.
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Developing a Dynamic View of Broadband Adoption
A method for conceptualizing a problem by representing the main variables that cause, or influence, them to increase or decrease. Relationships between variables are marked with either positive or negative polarity. Delays are also included, showing time lags in the effect of change on other variables. Coyle (1977) provides extensive coverage. Also known as causal loop diagrams.
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