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What is Infrastructure as a Service

Handbook of Research on the IoT, Cloud Computing, and Wireless Network Optimization
Cloud service providers provide the visualized computing infrastructures/resources through the internet.
Published in Chapter:
Cloud Computing Security Issues of Sensitive Data
Manpreet Kaur Walia (Charles Sturt University, Australia), Malka N. Halgamuge (The University of Melbourne, Australia), Nadeesha D. Hettikankanamage (Charles Sturt University, Australia), and Craig Bellamy (Charles Sturt University, Australia)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-7335-7.ch004
Numerous organizations are using aspects of the cloud to store data, but as sensitive data is placed on the cloud, privacy and security become difficult to maintain. When users upload data to the cloud, they may become increasingly vulnerable to account hijacking, unauthorized access, and the data may become unavailable because of various technical reasons. Questions remain about the security of sensitive data in the cloud, and in this chapter, the authors perform an analysis of 36 peer reviewed publications describing 30 observations of cloud computing technology (2010-2017). In the articles, applications of cloud computing include, for instance, business (26%) and the internet of things (IoT; 2%), and the result suggests that some issues are unique to a particular domain (such as business, education, health) and some issues cross all domains. The results suggest that data integrity issues have the highest number of solutions whereas data breaches have the lowest number of solutions.
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On the Use of System-Level Benchmarks for Comparing Public Cloud Environments
The hosting of various hardware and hardware configurations by a third party in a remote location accessible over the Internet. Oftentimes highly scalable in terms of resources which can be adjusted on-demand for dynamic utilization.
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Integrating Business Intelligence Services in the Cloud: A Conceptual Model
ass="highlight">ass="highlight">Infrass="highlight">astructureass="highlight">as a Service (IaaS) is the usage of virtual infrass="highlight">astructure components. This includes servers, memory, communication components, and other data center elements ass="highlight">as services.
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Cloud Services in UK Higher Education: A Feasibility Study for Providing IaaS in the Computing and Library Services of a UK University
One of the three fundass="highlight">amentass="highlight">al ass="highlight">service models of Cloud Computing, ass="highlight">alongside Softwass="highlight">are ass="highlight">as ass="highlight">a Service (Sass="highlight">aass="highlight">aS) ass="highlight">and Plass="highlight">atform ass="highlight">as ass="highlight">a Service (Pass="highlight">aass="highlight">aS). Iass="highlight">aass="highlight">aS is ass="highlight">a provision model in which ass="highlight">an orgass="highlight">anizass="highlight">ation outsources its equipment, such ass="highlight">as storass="highlight">age, hass="highlight">ardwass="highlight">are, servers ass="highlight">and networking components. The client pass="highlight">ays on ass="highlight">a per-use bass="highlight">asis while the ass="highlight">service provider owns the equipment ass="highlight">and is responsible for housing, running, ass="highlight">and mass="highlight">aintass="highlight">aining it.
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The Co-Evolution of Cloud and IoT Applications: Recent and Future Trends
ass="highlight">A form of cloud computing that provides virtualized computing resources over the internet.
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Virtualization as the Enabling Technology of Cloud Computing
It is ass="highlight">aass="highlight">service provided through cloud computing technology where users cass="highlight">an ass="highlight">access virtuass="highlight">alized hass="highlight">ardwass="highlight">are ass="highlight">and pass="highlight">ay on ass="highlight">a utility bass="highlight">asis.
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