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What is Crowd Sourcing

Developing and Monitoring Smart Environments for Intelligent Cities
It is the ability to either carry out massive online survey or collect data from millions of people online at minimum cost.
Published in Chapter:
Intelligent Cities: A Compendious and Multidisciplinary Approach – Issues and Opportunities
Kwesi Atta Sakyi (ZCAS University, Zambia)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-5062-5.ch009
This chapter focuses on a systematic and integrated approach to managing cities using multidisciplinary and technology-based approach and drawing on integrated knowledge from different fields. The chapter aims to discuss and analyse issues in an organic and holistic approach. It explores theory and combines praxis, applications, and futuristic conjectures. Emphasis is placed on issues of ethics, human rights, environmental friendliness, sustainability, and compliance with the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). While the chapter has considerable input from existing scholarship, it adopts a narrative that is innovative and creative and engages with novel ideas and propositions for future progress. It also charts the breakthrough in transportation, commerce, medicine, education, the world of work, and contemporary health, with particular emphasis on issues relating to safety, confidentiality, privacy, facial recognition, city policing, crime detection, monitoring and evaluation, forecasting, and future of AI.
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Modeling Technology Integration in Teacher Preparation Programs
The process of crowdsourcing involves seeking input from numerous individuals on a topic, with the idea that by gathering ideas from a large group of people the gathering of ideas will be comprehensive.
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