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What is Internet use

Dialectical Perspectives on Media, Health, and Culture in Modern Africa
Refers to the number of people that make use of the internet.
Published in Chapter:
Social Media Alternative for Health Communication in Nigeria
Janet Aver Adikpo (Eastern Mediterranean University, Cyprus) and Patience Ngunan Achakpa-Ikyo (Benue State University, Nigeria)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-8091-1.ch002
In the changing media and health landscapes, health communication requires more ways to improve and sustain new practices for health advocacy. The same way global population is soaring, people are becoming more urbane, and these vicissitudes are accompanied by the need to access new forms of media to meet information needs. This chapter assesses social media relevance as an alternative tool for health communication and clearly established that social media holds an integral locus in the day-to-day activities of the people, the same way it has for health communication. The growing concern is for stakeholders who are government and non-government agencies actors like traditional rulers, faith-based organisations, and international bodies to adopt the use of social media as an alternative for health communication in Nigeria.
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How Employees Can Leverage Web 2.0 in New Ways to Reflect on Employment and Employers
Uses for the Internet have expanded rapidly over the past decade. The Internet has, in effect, become part of everyday activity and purpose. Employees, as such, have seen great value in the emancipatory capacity of the Internet and begun to use it to explore what matters most to them in relation to employment.
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The Rise of Cyberstalking
An individual’s Internet use refers to all the things they do which require them to have an Internet connection.
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Digital Literacy for Students With Intellectual Disabilities
Use of the world wide web to gain information, be entertained, or communicate.
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The Sociological Determinants of Internet Use in Tunisian Exporting Companies
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