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What is Kernel

Implementation of Machine Learning Algorithms Using Control-Flow and Dataflow Paradigms
Dataflow program file that describes execution graph.
Published in Chapter:
Implementation Details of Neural Networks Using Dataflow
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-8350-0.ch006
This chapter presents dataflow paradigm in general and loop unrolling and data pipelines as key points for acceleration and discusses implementation details of multilayer perceptron neural networks. The iterative nature of the algorithm makes it suitable for dataflow implementation using matrix multiplication as a basic operation. Also, it presents major differences in code execution between conventional controlflow paradigm and dataflow paradigm. It is shown how part of an algorithm (feed-forward phase) can be migrated to the accelerator while the rest remains the same.
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Linux Based Real-Time Control over Industrial Networks
Most complicated and most important part of the operating systems. It contains static part that is used at anytime program works and modules that are loaded in case of their need. After loading module extends capabilities of the kernel and became its part until unloaded.
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An Advanced Approach to Detect Edges of Digital Images for Image Segmentation
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Software in Amateur “Packet Radio” Communications and Networking
The main, ‘core’ part of the operating system. The term kernel is mostly used in Linux jargon when adaptations and major upgrades of a Linux-based system are discussed.
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Efficient High Dimensional Data Classification
A kernel defines a similarity measure between two data points. Examples: Linear Kernel - (dot product); where and are two data points. Non Linear Kernels-Polynomial Kernel - , represents degree of the polynomial. Gaussian Kernel -
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Classification in GIS Using Support Vector Machines
The similarity measure between different members of a data set that is used together with a mapping function F to translate the initial dataset into a higher dimensional space
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A Brief Review of the Kernel and the Various Distributions of Linux
A computing program that manages input/output requests from software and translates them data processing instructions for the CPU (central processing unit) and the other components of the computer system.
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Ensemble of SVM Classifiers for Spam Filtering
Non-linear transformation to a high dimensional feature space.
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