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What is Ladder Logic

Handbook of Research on Social Dimensions of Semantic Technologies and Web Services
The ladder logic was originally invented to describe logic made from relays and is still useful in manufacturing area because engineers and technicians can understand and use it without much additional training.
Published in Chapter:
The Impacts of Semantic Technologies on Industrial Systems
Vladimír Marík (Rockwell Automation Research Center, Prague, Czech Republic and Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic), Pavel Vrba (Rockwell Automation Research Center, Prague, Czech Republic), and Marek Obitko (Rockwell Automation Research Center, Czech Republic)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60566-650-1.ch037
Industrial systems face the challenges of robust and flexible control of industrial processes while satisfying the demand of mass customization and reduced time to market. To meet these requirements, systems need to work in a distributed manner, because the traditional centralized approaches are not sufficient. To achieve automated cooperation and coordination of distributed components at a larger scale, semantic technologies are necessary to enable truly open systems. The authors review state of the art of the research of ontologies, Semantic Web and Semantic Web services, together with advances of usage of semantic technologies in industry. The usage of semantic technologies is illustrated on two applications – semantics in multi-agent manufacturing systems and structural search in industrial data.
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Programmable Logic Controllers
A programming language used for configuring PLC's that is based upon relay diagrams.
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