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What is Liability

Ethical Implications of Reshaping Healthcare With Emerging Technologies
Legal responsibility for any harm or losses due to medical malpractice (improper treatment) or maleficence (intentional harmfulness or mischief).
Published in Chapter:
Ethical Aspects of Information-Based Medicine (With a Focus on Mental Health)
Jan Kalina (ICS CAS, Prague, Czech Republic) and Nicole Tobišková (ICS CAS, Prague, Czech Republic)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-7888-9.ch003
Modern advanced tools of artificial intelligence assist healthcare professionals in a variety of complex tasks related to medical care. Digitalization and automation accelerate the development and deployment of innovative artificial intelligence tools tailor-made for clinical applications; decision support systems represent an important example of such tools. This chapter is devoted to discussing the role of artificial intelligence in current and prospective medical care and ethical aspects of their deployment. As developed countries currently go through remarkable transforms of medical care involving informatization and centering around medical information and knowledge, this chapter also discusses future ideals of medical care characterized by the concept of information-based medicine. Ethical and patient safety implications of using artificial intelligence within information-based medicine are overviewed here. Specific attention is paid to mental healthcare and ethical aspects of using artificial intelligence in its context.
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The International Space Station: Legal Aspects
Refers to the state of having legal—often financial—obligations towards someone as a result of a specific action, in the context of space law due to damages occurring. In Space Law the terms liability and responsibility need to be strictly differentiated.
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The Internet of Things: Legal Realities
The state of being legally responsible for something.
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Responsibilities and Liabilities with Respect to Catastrophes
Personal risk of being blamed for an incident and potentially being subject to adverse consequences.
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The Impact of Procedural Law on Artificial Intelligence by Improving the Healthcare Systems
A person or organization is said to be liable if they fail to fulfil their legal duty to make up for harm, loss, or damage they inadvertently cause to another party. It is rooted in the concept of fault, which states that individuals who harm or injure others should be held accountable for their acts. It can be either civil or criminal in character.
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