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What is Library Consortium

Global Perspectives on Sustainable Library Practices
This refers to coming together of libraries to share their resources.
Published in Chapter:
Library Digitization: Values and Challenges
Michael Chinweike Chigbundu (Caleb University, Lagos, Nigeria), Bukunmi Wuraola Kehinde (Osun State University, Nigeria), and Oyeronke Oyetunji (Methodist Theological Institute, Nigeria)
Copyright: © 2023 |Pages: 8
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-5964-5.ch004
Digitization is the process of converting a non-digital document to a digital document that can be accessed, processed, and used on a computer. Digitization plays valuable roles in libraries. It helps with preserving library documents, enhancing wider access to library documents, helps with curbing plagiarism, helps with promoting global visibility of the parent's institution, and helps with reducing cost of purchasing library books. Despite these benefits, there exist some universities that are yet to embark on library digitization. This chapter discusses the values of library digitization and some challenges that intending libraries might face when embarking on library digitization. The chapter in addition discusses digitization workflow and gave some recommendations on library digitization best practices.
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Resource Sharing: Vehicle for Effective Library Information Dissemination and Services in The Digital Age
A library consortium refers to a group of libraries who partner to coordinate activities, share resources, and combine expertise. The International Coalition of Library Consortia is an informal discussion group of such consortia. Library consortia offer significant advantages to increasingly strapped libraries.
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An Assessment of Digital Library Functions and Services in Nigerian Academic Libraries
This implies libraries coming together in formal agreement so as to share resources in order to satisfy their users.
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Managing Intellectual Property in Digital Libraries: The Roles of Digital Librarians
Collaborative effort aimed at sharing information resources among libraries with similar objectives so that the collective strength of the cooperating libraries can facilitate improved teaching, learning, research and information service delivery to users. Library consortium is a strategic alliance among libraries with similar objectives aimed at improving access to information resources in different disciplines.
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Blockchain: A New Technology in Library System and Management
A library consortium is a group of two or more libraries that agree to work together to achieve common goals and share resources, such as materials, staff, and technology. Consortiums can be regional, national, or international in scope and are typically formed to improve access to information, reduce costs, and promote cooperation among member libraries.
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