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What is Mobile Internet

Handbook of Research on Global Diffusion of Broadband Data Transmission
Internet access through an Internet-enabled mobile phone.
Published in Chapter:
Social Consequences of Broadband Access in Japan
Kenichi Ishii (University of Tsukuba, Japan)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-851-2.ch039
In Japan, both the cheapest wired broadband services and the most advanced 3G mobile phone services are widely available. Because of recent procompetitive policy drives such as the “e-Japan policy,” the Japanese broadband market has become very competitive. While the digital divide has narrowed in recent years in terms of Internet access, a divide still exists with regard to Internet usage. Comparison between narrowband and broadband users demonstrates that broadband services currently are used mainly for entertainment. Unlike wired Internet use, mobile Internet is not used for information-gathering activities. Results do not support the media substitution effect of the Internet. Mobile Internet use significantly and positively correlates with socializing with friends, whereas the wired Internet use does not correlate with socializing. Experience of past policies suggests that customer orientation will be a key factor in the success of the “U-Japan” policy.
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SMS Use Intensity Changes in the Age of Ubiquitous Mobile Internet Access: A Two-Level Investigation of Residential Mobile Communications Customers in Germany
Packet-switched and Internet Protocol-(IP-)based Internet access through nationwide advanced cellular communication networks via various portable appliance categories.
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Mobile Internet Use in Japan: Text-Message Dependency and Social Relationships
Internet access via mobile phones, including access via a carrier’s network and a Wi-Fi connection.
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The Mobile Services Market: An Exploratory Analysis of Mobile Phone Usage by French Consumers
The possibility to access the World Wide Web through a wireless device, such as a cellular telephone or personal digital assistant (PDA)
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5G for IoT: Between Reality and Friction
The Internet is realized wirelessly anywhere, anytime.
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Dynamics of Mobile Service Adoption
Internet for new packet-switched mobile data services. The first mobile data services were hyped quite a lot in the public in the late 90s, but in practice the mobile Internet has not kicked off yet.
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Mobile Social Web: Opportunities and Drawbacks
Use of TCP/IP based services and protocols with mobile devices via wireless communications technologies.
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