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What is Mobile Money

Employing Recent Technologies for Improved Digital Governance
A technology that allows people to transfer funds between banks or accounts, deposit or withdraw funds, or pay bills by using a mobile phone.
Published in Chapter:
Economic African Development in the Context of FinTech
Youssra Ben Romdhane (University of Sfax, Tunisia), Sahar Loukil (University of Sfax, Tunisia), and Souhaila Kammoun (IHEC, CODECI, University of Sfax, Tunisia)
Copyright: © 2020 |Pages: 17
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-1851-9.ch014
The purpose of this chapter is to analyze the effect of FinTech and political incertitude on economic growth through a multiple regression. Thus, the authors employ the method of generalized least square (GLS) with panel data. The sample concerns 21 African countries during (2001-2014-2017). The authors use a wide range of measures from Global Findex Database 2017, the World Bank platform, the World Bank national accounts data, and the OECD National Accounts data files base in the context of Africa. Empirical results show that FinTech is a driver of economic growth unless it is actively used in a developed digital infrastructure. In fact, the authors prove that, when financial technologies are used in both transactions (receive and made digital payment), they significantly contribute to the economic cycle. Passive use like simple consumption actions are not a significant lever for the economy. The principal contribution is to highlight that the active use of financial innovations and not passive one and the developed digital infrastructure do promote economic growth in African countries.
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More Results
Adoption and Use of Mobile Money Services in Nigeria
The use of a mobile phone to conduct financial services using electronic accounts (e-wallet).
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Riders' Participation in the Ride-Hailing Sector of the Gig Economy
A cashless and convenient way of transferring money and making payments for goods and services using a mobile phone.
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Impact of Mobile Money Transfer on the Education Sector in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Review
Transfer of money between banks or accounts, deposit, withdrawal or payments done using a mobile phone.
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A Stakeholder's Analysis of the Effect of Mobile Money in Developing Countries: The Case of Orange Money in Mali
Mobile money is a technology that allows people to receive, store and spend money using a mobile phone. It is sometimes referred to as a 'mobile wallet'.
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