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What is Mora

Bridging the Gap Between AI, Cognitive Science, and Narratology With Narrative Generation
A sound unit in haiku. In most cases, the authors do not use the term syllable . For example, the word book consists of a single syllable and two moras.
Published in Chapter:
Haiku Generation From Narratological Perspective: A Circulation Between Haikus and Stories
Jumpei Ono (Aomori University, Japan) and Takashi Ogata (Iwate Prefectural University, Japan)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-4864-6.ch007
Haiku—a form of unrhymed poetry—is popular among the Japanese. A typical haiku is composed of 17 moras and three phrases. A haiku has the possibility of scratching the surface and uncovering a hidden message through an expression of events. According to Masaoka Shiki, a haiku is a kind of literature and has high affinity with our research on generating stories. In this chapter, the authors implemented the prototype system that has two functions: first, to produce multiple haikus from a single story, and second, to engender multiple stories from haikus. The system prototyped in this chapter is based on haiku theory, which is used by the authors in their research, and is rooted in the concept's co-occurrence information and frequency information used to generate a haiku. The method uses statistical information for selecting the words and creating the word network in the haiku. Through the aforementioned methods, the authors created a framework for a system of circulating haiku and stories and proposed a kind of narrative generation with narrative as an input.
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Examining Oral Performance Characteristics of L2 Learners With the CAF Calculator
A small phonological unit that determines timing. Moras coincide with syllables except for a couple of moraic consonants and long vowels.
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