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What is Multimodal Interface

Handbook of Research on User Interface Design and Evaluation for Mobile Technology
The integration of textual, graphical, video, tactile, speech, and other audio interfaces through the use of mouse, stylus, fingers, keyboard, display, camera, microphone, and/or GPS.
Published in Chapter:
Voice-Enabled User Interfaces for Mobile Devices
Louise E. Moser (University of California, Santa Barbara, USA) and P.M. Melliar-Smith (University of California, Santa Barbara, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-871-0.ch027
The use of a voice interface, along with textual, graphical, video, tactile, and audio interfaces, can improve the experience of the user of a mobile device. Many applications can benefit from voice input and output on a mobile device, including applications that provide travel directions, weather information, restaurant and hotel reservations, appointments and reminders, voice mail, and e-mail. We have developed a prototype system for a mobile device that supports client-side, voice-enabled applications. In fact, the prototype supports multimodal interactions but, here, we focus on voice interaction. The prototype includes six voice-enabled applications and a program manager that manages the applications. In this chapter we describe the prototype, including design issues that we faced, and evaluation methods that we employed in developing a voice-enabled user interface for a mobile device.
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Design of a Multi-Modal Dexterity Training Interface for Medical and Biological Sciences
Ability for the user to interact with the virtual environment through various sensing modality such as sense of touch, hearing (audio) and visual (graphics). This type of interface is accomplished with various computer supported external devices.
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Interface Design Issues for Mobile Commerce
An interface that communicates with users through multiple modes.
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Spatial Search Engines
User-centered interface in which the computer may process more than one mode of communication.
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Creating Social Technologies to Assist and Understand Social Interactions
Interface to a computer system (from a mobile device to a smart environment) that allows multiple modes of interaction. Among the modalities can be speech, touch, gaze, or gestures. Modalities can supplement one another, but also complement one another.Combining different input modalities is called fusion. It allows a system to disambiguate user input in order to get a more complete understanding of a user’s commands or behavior.
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Ultra-Wideband Solutions for Last Mile Access Network
Implies Input/Output via a combination of several different modes, usually related to the user’s senses—primarily touch, sight, and hearing.
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