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What is Pattern Language

Handbook of Research on Visual Computing and Emerging Geometrical Design Tools
The language of understanding complex systems, which have interactive relations in between the components.
Published in Chapter:
The Interpretation of Vernacular Architecture through Fractal Models: In the Case of Iran, Masouleh Village
Ehsan Reza (Eastern Mediterranean University, Cyprus) and Ozgur Dincyurek (Eastern Mediterranean University, Cyprus)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-0029-2.ch003
Mathematical algorithm and nonlinear theories were used in order to study the establishment and development of traditional settlements since the second half of twentieth century. In order to interrogate vernacular architecture, fractal geometry is one of the most advanced methodologies in this study. Vernacular architecture is an organic architecture, which is formed in response to environmental, cultural, economical factors. There are plenty of variations in topography; climate and geographical issues among the mountainous areas in Iran. Therefor, there are many useful thought, which can be learnt from the existing vernacular architecture. This study is going to investigate fractal pattern of housing in Masouleh village, Iran. By referring to the fractal dimension calculated with box counting method, different type of information will be collected and this attempt will help decision makers, planners, architects and designers, especially in new housing developments.
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Using Design Patterns to Support E-Learning Design
A structured collection of design patterns within a particular domain.
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Pattern Languages for CMC Design
A set of patterns built up to describe a project. These form a common language of assosiated concepts.
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Patterns and Pattern Languages in Educational Design
A network of design patterns, where each pattern helps solve a part of the overall design problem addressed by the pattern language.
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A Critical Perspective on Design Patterns for E-Learning
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Patterns for Improving the Pragmatic Quality of Web Information Systems
A set of interrelated patterns that forms a gestalt in which each of its patterns collaborate to solve a more fundamental problem that is not explicitly addressed by any individual pattern.
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