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What is Public Debt

Handbook of Research on Institutional, Economic, and Social Impacts of Globalization and Liberalization
Aggregated domestic and foreign debts of a state.
Published in Chapter:
Institutional, Economic, and Social Impacts of Globalization and Liberalization: Financial Performance Analysis in the Context of Globalization – An Analysis for the EU and Turkey
Dilek Murat (Bursa Uludag University, Turkey) and Simla Güzel (Tekirdag Namık Kemal University, Turkey)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-4459-4.ch010
The present study aimed to rank the financial development levels of European Union (EU) nations and Turkey based on selected financial and economic indicators. Thus, the most recent annual data for these countries (2017) were analyzed with grey relational analysis (GRA). In the analysis, the decision criteria for 24 EU member nations and Turkey were determined as public debt, public expenditure, unemployment rate, Gini coefficient, and GDP growth. The grey coefficient scores obtained in the analysis revealed the financial performance ranking for the analyzed nations. Based on the entropy weighting method (EM) ranking, the top three countries with highest scores were Ireland, Czech Republic, and Slovakia, while the countries with the lowest scores were Spain, Italy, and Greece.
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Public Debt, Cloud Computing Technology, and Leadership Crisis in the 21st Century: The Role of ICT in Nigeria's Finance Sector
The term public debt here refers to the sum or amount of money which a country owes to lenders outside of itself. It is here also referred to as national debt.
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The Twin Deficit as an Early Warning Sign in Avoiding Crises: The Case of Greece
Public debt also known as Government debt, national debt and sovereign debt is the debt owed by a central government.
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Investigating Consumer Finance in Lebanon: An Empirical Study of ATM and Virtual Currency
(Referred to as government debt as well) how much a government borrowed to meet its budget deficit. Public debt can be elevated both internally and externally.
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