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What is Specialized Logical Class

Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, Fourth Edition
Class ( u , U e ) determined from class ( u, U ) is-a o ( v, V ): each attributes of class ( v, V ) is inherited by class ( u , U e ) and each attribute of U e belongs to class (u, U) or to class ( v, V ).
Published in Chapter:
Quality Evaluation for Evolving Conceptual Database Design
Copyright: © 2018 |Pages: 11
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-2255-3.ch175
The article is concerned with the proposal of a new approach of conceptual database design, called evolving conceptual database design, which exploits the structure for the preservation of database classes/concepts within the design. In order to discuss the opportunity to take into consideration this approach, the structure is constructed starting from a database conceptual graph. The leaves of the structure are mapped to a logical/object database graph. Horizontal steps of constructive logical database design extend the model. The computational costs required to design the structure for the preservation of database classes/concepts, as well as the qualitative/conceptual costs of the logical models resulting from the constructive design, are discussed.
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