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What is Relaxation

Encyclopedia of Artificial Intelligence
Process by which ANNs minimize an objective function using semi- or non-parametric methods to iteratively updating the weights.
Published in Chapter:
Mathematical Modeling of Artificial Neural Networks
Radu Mutihac (University of Bucharest, Romania)
Copyright: © 2009 |Pages: 8
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-849-9.ch156
Models and algorithms have been designed to mimic information processing and knowledge acquisition of the human brain generically called artificial or formal neural networks (ANNs), parallel distributed processing (PDP), neuromorphic or connectionist models. The term network is common today: computer networks exist, communications are referred to as networking, corporations and markets are structured in networks. The concept of ANN was initially coined as a hopeful vision of anticipating artificial intelligence (AI) synthesis by emulating the biological brain. ANNs are alternative means to symbol programming aiming to implement neural-inspired concepts in AI environments (neural computing) (Hertz, Krogh, & Palmer, 1991), whereas cognitive systems attempt to mimic the actual biological nervous systems (computational neuroscience). All conceivable neuromorphic models lie in between and supposed to be a simplified but meaningful representation of some reality. In order to establish a unifying theory of neural computing and computational neuroscience, mathematical theories should be developed along with specific methods of analysis (Amari, 1989) (Amit, 1990). The following outlines a tentatively mathematical-closed framework in neural modeling.
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An Overview of Mindfulness and Its Implications for Children and Adolescents
The emotional state of low tension and anxiety is relaxation. In this condition, there is the absence of arousal that could come from anger, fear, excitement, or stress. There are many techniques of physical and mental relaxation, including mindfulness meditation being one of them.
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Relax Player App With Relaxation Melodies and Different Sounds
It is mental activation process that keep your body and mind refresh, relax, cool, calm, and focused.
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UBERGP: Doctor Home Consultancy App
when the body and mind are free from tension and anxiety.
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Exposure to Immersive Relaxing Virtual Environments for Hospitalized Patients
Set of techniques aimed to ensure the well-being of the individual, through the relief of physical, mental and emotional stress.
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Game-Based Learning: Current Research in Games for Health, a Focus on Biofeedback Video Games as Treatment for AD/HD
Relaxation is characterised by a weakened state of physiological arousal and peaceful state of mental well-being. Relaxation training involves a number of methods such as meditation procedures, autogenic training, progressive relaxation, visual imagery etc., useful for managing a number of physiological and psychological conditions.
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