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What is Resolution

Handbook of Research on Emerging Perspectives in Intelligent Pattern Recognition, Analysis, and Image Processing
The width and height of an image is counted in terms of pixels. The resolution is shown in terms of width*height, like 640*480.
Published in Chapter:
Utilizing Image Color Channels for High Payload Embedding
Ankit Chaudhary (Truman State University, USA) and Sandeep Kumar (Government College of Engineering & Technology, Bikaner, India)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-8654-0.ch006
Steganography is the technique which has been used in many fields for hiding information and many different versions for each application are available in the literature. This chapter demonstrates how to increase the security level and to improve the storage capacity of hidden data, with compression techniques. The security level is increased by randomly distributing the text message over the entire image instead of clustering within specific image portions. The degradation of the images can be minimized by changing only one least significant bit per color channel for hiding the message. Using steganography alone with simple LSB has a potential problem that the secret message is easily detectable from the histogram analysis method. To improve the security as well as the image embedding capacity indirectly, a compression based scheme is introduced. Various tests have been done to check the storage capacity and message distribution.
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Analytical Techniques for Characterization of Nanomaterials
Ability of any instrument to clearly distinguish between two points.
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Shape and Geometry in the Integrated Digital Survey
Indicates the density of dots in a photosensitive support both analog and digital, and then defines the quality of the photographic image. It is measured in amount of points per unit length (usually inches). DPI stands for dots per inch.
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Digital Photogrammetry and Structure from Motion for Architectural Heritage: Comparison and Integration between Procedures
This defines the quality of the photographic image. It expresses the density of photo-sensitive points in an analogue or digital support and is measured by the number of points per length (generally inches). DPI is the acronym for “dots per inch”.
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Steamsational Writing: An Investigation Into Using Robots to Inspire Children's Narrative Skills
Resolution, also known as denouement, is the point in the narrative where the problem/conflict has been resolved. It is often the conclusion of the narrative.
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