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What is Rhizosphere

Handbook of Research on Uncovering New Methods for Ecosystem Management through Bioremediation
The matrix volume influenced by the presence of a plant root.
Published in Chapter:
Bioremediation of Oil Contaminated Soil and Water: In situ and Ex situ Strategies for Feasibility Assessment
Chandrika Malkanthi Nanayakkara (University of Colombo, Sri Lanka) and Ayoma Witharana (University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-8682-3.ch010
Pollution from petroleum, plant and animal origin oils, which are released via oil production and shipping operations, refineries, accidental spills, effluents of different industries such as hotels, restaurants, food processing, etc. is ubiquitous in the environment. This necessitates the need for cost effective and efficient remediation technologies. Dealing with the problem chemically and physically is known to generate secondary pollutants and incurs high cost. Expediting natural attenuation via stimulating pollutant degradation activity of residential microbial community and/or introducing competent microflora in to polluted sites has been identified as the most successful and cost effective technology and is termed bioremediation. Phytoremediation, an emerging branch of bioremediation, has also been recognized as a promising treatment technology. Chapter examines the extent of work carried out in in situ and ex situ bioremediation strategies to mitigate oil pollution, the validity of such practices in terms of efficiency of the process and the future research directives.
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Microbe-Assisted Phytoremediation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons
Is a thin region of a medium (soil or water) around and under the influence of plant roots.
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Bacterial Siderophores for Enhanced Plant Growth
A dynamic, narrow region of the soil where plant roots are easily accessible and are densely populated with microorganisms (especially bacteria). It is the region where maximum interactions between plant roots and the fauna take place.
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