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What is RSA Algorithm

Handbook of Research on the IoT, Cloud Computing, and Wireless Network Optimization
Rivest-Shamir-Adleman algorithm.
Published in Chapter:
Security Mechanisms in Cloud Computing-Based Big Data
Addepalli V. N. Krishna (Christ University (Deemed), India) and Balamurugan M. (Christ University (Deemed), India)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-7335-7.ch009
In the existent system, data is encrypted and stored when passed to the cloud. During any operations on the data, it is decrypted and then the computation is done. This decrypted data is vulnerable and prone to be misused. After the computations are done, the data and the result are encrypted and stored back in the cloud. This creates an overhead to the system as well as increases time complexity. With this chapter, the authors aim to reduce the overhead of the systems to perform repeated encryptions and decryptions. This can be done by allowing the computations to happen directly on the encrypted text. The result obtained by performing computations on encrypted data will be the same as the ones done on the original plain text. This new security solution is fully fit for processing and retrieval of encrypted data, effectively leading to the broad applicable project, the security of data transmission, and the storage of data. The work is secured further with additional concepts like probabilistic and time stamp-based encryption processes.
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