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What is Scope

Applied Social Science Approaches to Mixed Methods Research
The extent that the study results are far-reaching or have depth.
Published in Chapter:
Considering the Source: Sampling and Data Collection in a Mixed Methods Study
Mindy Crain-Dorough (Southeastern Louisiana University, USA)
Copyright: © 2020 |Pages: 32
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-1025-4.ch003
The purpose of this chapter is to describe detailed procedures for determining the data collection and sampling methods in a mixed methods study. The nuances of selecting data collection strategies and sampling techniques are explained in a practical way. The points of decision, factors to consider, and methods for weighing the advantages and disadvantages are provided along with tables that can be completed to organize the planning process. The overall design process for a mixed methods study is described to provide the context for the in-depth discussion about data collection and sampling. A fictional study is used as an example to illustrate how to apply the procedure to identify the optimal data sources for a mixed methods study.
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Project Management Concepts for E-HRM
One of the triple constraints that describes the project based on the client’s needs or directives and that specifically identifies what is and what is not expected to be included in, accomplished by, or resulting from this effort. Elements that are identified in the project charter as included, expected, or desirable are referred to as “in scope,” while elements that are not included, expected, or desirable are deemed to be “out-of-scope.”
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Language Engineering for Mobile Software
The dynamic extent in which behavioural variations are simultaneously active or inactive within a running application. The scope delimits the execution time span in which variations are effectively applied.
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Quality Management Approach to Workload and Performance Evaluation: Interdependencies for Fair Measures
Is a statement that states the specific work included in a project, define the completion stage with the high-level deliverables and its resource with metrics measurement to determine the success level.
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Contract Guidelines and Scope Building for Digital Transformation and ERP Projects
Defining what is the project overall, when will the project be complete, how much will it cost, and most importantly, how does it meet the company’s strategic goals.
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Surveillance Design After Initial Detection
The geographic extent and populations potentially at risk from a hazard.
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Data Mining to Identify Project Management Strategies in Learning Environments
The sum of the products, services, and results with the specified features and functions to be provided as a project.
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Green for ICT, Green by ICT, Green by Design
Refers to the classification of a company’s greenhouse gases emissions according to the greenhouse gas protocol. Three scopes are defined:
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Sustainable Design for a Functional Reeducation of Senior Citizens About the Basic Activities of Daily Living
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