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What is Sleep Deprivation

Handbook of Research on Advances in Digital Technologies to Promote Rehabilitation and Community Participation
Condition where the individual doesn’t get enough sleep for their body to recover.
Published in Chapter:
Exposure to Immersive Relaxing Virtual Environments for Hospitalized Patients
Miguel Pereira (ESS, Polytechnic of Porto, Portugal), Patrícia Oliveira (ESS, Polytechnic of Porto, Portugal), Manuela Gomes (ESS, Polytechnic of Porto, Portugal), and Sara de Sousa (ESS, CIR, Polytechnic of Porto, Portugal)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-9251-2.ch006
Hospitalized patients are often characterized by various stress factors that can have an impact on their mental health and hospital experience. Improving the quality of life of these bedridden patients is an important task by relieving their anxiety, reducing their pain, and encouraging them in their fight against disease. Virtual reality has already been proved to be a novel and promising tool to improve the quality of life of hospitalized patients. Therefore, the purpose of this chapter is to focus on studies that gave evidence to the feasibility of virtual reality relaxation therapies for hospitalized patients, which virtual reality relaxation therapies are most used, and the benefits and limitations of this type of intervention.
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Context Awareness in Mobile Devices
These attacks are a form of denial of service attack whereby an attacker renders a pervasive computing device inoperable by draining the battery more quickly than it would be drained under normal usage.
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