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What is Strategic Alliances

Handbook of Research on Tacit Knowledge Management for Organizational Success
Is a relationship build on trust and commitment, and a partnership created between organizations in order to make win-win situations, to get new knowledge for employees and organizations.
Published in Chapter:
The Tacit Knowledge and the Knowledge Management Processes: Developing a Relationship-Based Knowledge Matrix Using Simulation to Improve Performance
Florea Nicoleta Valentina (Valahia University of Targoviste, Romania)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-2394-9.ch008
Knowledge management is a new term specific for the new Knowledge Economy, where continuous change is every step and imposes developing knowledge of employees in order to satisfy stakeholders needs and to obtain long-term performance. This chapter will analyse the role of tacit knowledge in obtaining performance and the knowledge processes implemented to achieve its objectives: knowledge acquering, mapping and sharing in order to grow knowledge and knowledge flows. The author presents a simulation model used to analyse the present stock of tacit knowledge and to predict future knowledge for the future activities. It is also developed a relationship-based Knowledge Matrix offering organizations new opportunities for gaining new knowledge. This can be made by implementing models of inter and intra-departmental or inter-organizational knowledge exchange to help organizations find the right employee for the right job, and to identify the right knowledge at the right time and cost.
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Value Creation through Social Alliances: Theoretical Considerations in Partnership Relationships
Strategic alliances are voluntary collaborations bring together two or more firm in which all partners accept to work together, achieve the collaborative’ aim and gain competitive advantage.
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Strategic Alliances: A Conceptual Model of Health Tourism
An arrangement of two or more businesses that establish an exchange of resources, relationships and help partners to achieve their goals.
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How Does Terrorism Change the Business Landscape for Firms?: A New Framework for Analyzing Risks
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Transforming Universities in the Online World
Business alliances among organizations that provide strategic advantages to the partner organizations.
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Internationalization in the Hotel Industry and Modes of Entry
Are designated as intermediate modes of entry in international markets. They are normally carried out by companies that have experience and knowledge in certain specific areas, but need to complement forces in other areas. Strategic alliances aim to share and/or exchange products, services, knowledge, and profits.
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