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What is Tool

Maintaining International Relations Through Digital Public Diplomacy Policies and Discourses
The object that can extend an individual's ability to modify features of the surrounding environment.
Published in Chapter:
Public Diplomacy as a Tool of Propaganda
Fatih Değirmenci (Ataturk University, Turkey)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-5822-8.ch004
Propaganda, which aims to influence the society to believe and act in a certain way in line with predetermined objectives, has been a form of practice that has been used extensively in the social and political field throughout history. Many ideologies have gained prevalence as a result of effective propaganda activities and have been able to walk to power. From Caesar to Napoleon, from Lenin to Hitler, many leaders went down in history as master propagandists, and they dragged the masses after them with their powerful and effective propaganda. Certain aspects of propaganda practices, which have been the most effective way to influence societies in long historical processes, have been a source of inspiration in many areas such as public diplomacy, political campaigns, advertising, public relations, and marketing in modern times.
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Technology in Child's Right to Self-Development
Something instrumental or helpful in achieving a purpose. Here it means educational apps for kids.
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Artifacts for Collaborative Software Development
A model entity that is a piece of software. It can be employed in carrying out an activity. Any activity may employ an arbitrary number of tools.
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Using Google Drive to Write Dialogically with Teachers
Technical and psychological means taken up from the sociocultural environment that mediate social action ( Wertsch, 1998 ). Technical tools include material objects, such as pencils, paper, keyboards, and screens, etc. Psychological tools include means such as language, genre, conventions, etc.
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Guidelines for Deploying a Knowledge Management System
Instrument or resource that allows the accomplishment of the techniques or increases its efficiency.
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The EU Language Policy as a Tool
Something which is used to do something easily.
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The Effectiveness of Computer-Aided Assessment for the Purposes of a Mathematical Sciences Lecturer
Tools are socially created artefacts from an activity that are used in other activities. For example, the CAA system is a tool that has been created by lecturers and developers, which is now used by lecturers to assess their students.
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The Six Sigma Strategy: Tools and Techniques
In the context of this chapter, it is a statistical mechanism specially elaborated to tackle a problem.
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