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What is Abya Yala

Handbook of Research on Socio-Cultural and Linguistic Perspectives on Language and Literacy Development
A term that means land in full maturity, and it is the term designated by Indigenous peoples in latinamerica to the land. I use this term instead of Latin America to bring importance to knowledges rooted in Indigenous heritage.
Published in Chapter:
Trans[cultura]linguación: An Intercultural Approach to the Revitalization of Indigenous Languages
Yecid Ortega (Queen's University Belfast, UK)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-5022-2.ch012
Learning languages with the intention to understand cultures is the central premise of trans[cultura]linguación. The purpose of this chapter is to describe and reflect on the teaching and learning process of the Quechua language for students in Toronto (Canada) and other participants in the diaspora who wanted to learn more about the Quechua culture or revitalize their heritage language. Deploying a hybrid ethnographic approach to collect data from public online and in-person classes, this research project evidenced a cultural-oriented approach to assert Quechua speakers' identity and to spark curiosity for learning Indigenous languages in international contexts. A Quechua Collective, along with language teachers, used a synergic pedagogical approach to engage students in language learning and appreciation through various online and in-person interactive activities. This chapter sheds light on promising practices that seek to foster a sense of community, well-being, and the promotion of social cohesion and human coexistence.
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